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Red Robin (Timothy Drake Wayne) Empty Red Robin (Timothy Drake Wayne)

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" Tim Drake is not Bruce Wayne. He isn't Grayson, or even Damian. Drake is different. [...] Look behind his eyes. I suspect he's already won." -Ra's Al Ghul

Red Robin

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Full Name: Timothy Jackson Drake Wayne
Nickname(s): Tim
Codename: Red Robin, formerly Robin
Alias(es): Alvin Draper, Rob, Robs, Bird Boy, Boy Wonder.
Age: 18
Race: Human
Alignment: Good
Affiliation: Teen Titans, Batman Family, Batman Incorporated, formerly Outsiders.


Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Appearance: He has long dark hair that is normally somewhat slicked back. He's average sized, height wise, but is well built for his height. His build is similar to that of an acrobat. He has a few scars, here and there, from his time fighting crime. Tim is clean shaven.


Powers: Tim is an ordinary human being; he has no super powers.

Skills: From training with various super heroes, Tim has become a master martial artist and acrobat. He is especially skilled with a bo staff, and can rival Nightwing when the two go one on one. Tim has a genius level intellect and is a world-renowned computer hacker under the alias Alvin Draper.

After training and working with Batman for many years, Tim has shown an aptitude for detective work, more so than any other Robin. Batman has even stated that if Tim kept up his superhero activity, he might one day outdo him. Red Robin is also an expert marksman and tactician, similar to every other person who has held the Robin mantle.

Weaknesses: Tim is an ordinary human being and could easily be overcome in a direct confrontation with a powerful meta or alien. He also, at times, can be a loner and like to go in on things by himself, which can cause him trouble.

Equipment: Birdarangs, Red Bird, Red Robin Motorcycle, Utility Belt, Specially made uniform, ect.


Personality: Tim is a fairly reserved teen and at times can be a bit of a loner. This may be due to Batman's personality rubbing off on his in the wrong way. However, Tim is always loyal to his friends and will risk anything and everything for them. He takes his time to think over battle situations and is confident in his skills as a vigilante detective. He's a natural leader and a good fit to take over the lead of the Teen Titans.

Tim, still to this day, doesn't believe he'll be in the 'super-heroic' business forever, despite Bruce having stated multiple times that Tim was a worthy successor of the Cowl and could even become a better Batman than him. Tim likes to read, hack computers, and kick criminal ass. He hates the constant stress and loss of living the life of a vigilante and he hates Captain Boomerang for murdering his father.

Strengths: Tim is a natural leader and a true genius. See skills for more.

Interests/Habits: He likes to read, hack and kick criminal ass.


Universe: Earth-Prime
Family Members: Jack Drake (father, deceased) Janet Drake (mother, deceased) Bruce Wayne (adoptive father) Damian Wayne (Adoptive brother) Dick Grayson (Adoptive brother) Cassandra Cain (adoptive sister) Jason Todd (adoptive brother)
Place of Origin: Gotham City
Current Residence: Gotham City and Titans Tower, San Francisco.
History: Tim was born the son of Jack and Janet Drake. At the age of five, Tim watched John and Mary Grayson fall to their deaths. Later, when Robin debuted, Tim realized that the only boy he'd seen with that type of acrobatic talent was Dick Grayson. Putting two and two together, Tim realized Bruce Wayne was the infamous Batman.

After the death of the second Robin, Jason Todd, Batman began to be much more reckless. Tim realized Batman needed a Robin, and went to Dick Grayson, now Nightwing, to convince him to be Robin again. Dick said no, but told Tim he could be Robin. Tim accepted this idea and donned the Robin costume to go save Batman from Two Face. After doing this, Batman agreed to let Tim be Robin, after he first trained with Alfred, then himself, and then finally Nightwing. Tim did this and in a year became Robin.

For years Tim went on as Robin, the Boy Wonder, and helped to form Young Justice, and later to start and lead a new generation of Teen Titans. After Bruce's 'death', Damian replaced Tim as Robin and Tim took up the mantle of Red Robin. After Bruce's return, Tim joined Batman Inc, and for a short period of time led the Outsiders. Soon after, he headed back to Titans Tower, looking to see his friends again, and was quickly invited back to the team, where again led the team.

Sample RP (Already have with my Batman character. Read that for a sample rp.)
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Red Robin (Timothy Drake Wayne) Empty Re: Red Robin (Timothy Drake Wayne)

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