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"Science is my passion, but being Static is my responsibility"


Static (Virgil Hawkins)  Tumblr_lhrlvvbbXs1qh517go1_500


Full Name: Virgil Ovid Hawkins
Nickname(s): Geek
Codename: Static
Alias(es): Static Shock
Age: 18
Race: human
Alignment: Good
Affiliation: Teen Titans


Hair Color: Dark Brown ( he has a very short buzz you cannot see based on the view of that picture)
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Appearance: He is very muscular. He has a short buzz hair-cut. His height and weight have been shown above. He takes good care of his body cleaning wise.


Powers: Bang Baby: Static's physiology was altered by a mutant-genetic explosion which caused him to adapt unusual powers. Static's body itself can generate raw electromagnetic energy, which he has learned to manipulate, control and enhance.

Super-Conductive Electromagnetism: Static can sense sources of electromagnetic energy or objects that can be affected by it such as underground water pipes. He can magnetize and demagnetize metals.

Electromagnetic Fields: Static generates an Electromagnetic field just like the earth and the sun generate their own Electromagnetic fields. Static can also create barriers and shields that he can use to block, repel, hold back attacks and defend himself in battle.
Electromagnetic Levitation: Static can cause objects to fly (metal is the easiest material to manipulate and wood is the most difficult.)
Wavelength Tuning: Static can hear Radiowaves meaning he can listen in on the police broadband and music stations, as well as tapping into the phone lines so he can make calls.

Electrokinesis: Static can generate electricity from his body and administer it in a range of different attacks and uses. He can charge devices (such as the JLA Watchtower), drain devices and project his electricity in a variety of controlled ways.

Electrical Displays: Electromagnetic Light Displays that Static can shoot into the sky in the forms of pictures and words. With more power behind it, Static can make these into Electromagnetic Nets and/or Cage.

Electromagnetic Force Bolts: Static can fire Bursts of electromagnetic energy from his hands for uses like electrifying objects, administering large scale "Static Clings", generating shields and barriers and with a piece of wire he can generate a Nova-Burst.

Ball Lightning: Named after Ball Lightning, the weather phenomenon. Electromagnetic Energy compressed into a large ball and thrown at targets; an offensive maneuver in a combat situation.

Static Cling: Static can adhere most objects or people to surfaces and other objects, plus Static can magnetize surfaces.

Nova Burst: An attack of light and electromagnetic force run through some normal wire, to blind them for a short while.

Taser Punch: An electrified punch administered during combat to send opponents flying, similar effects to a Taser Gun.

Electromagnetic Pulse: An "EMP" which can knock out all local electrical devices.

Skills: Science: Static is a highly gifted student with a particular interest in the maths and sciences. Static also possesses an almost fanboyish knowledge of comic books, role playing games, and science fiction.

Tactical Analysis: Static is able to apply his scientific knowledge in combat and real life situations and does so almost intuitively. This allows him a certain advantage over less clever opponents.

Multilingualism: Virgil has learned to speak German for unknown reasons and is fluent enough to carry on a simple conversation in the language.

Weaknesses: Due to the wide ranges that Static has, Static's electromagnetic powers behave with a range of frequencies, abilities, and power levels. For example: Static's main weakness in confrontations with other Meta-Humans and Bang-Babies, is water, to be exact, if Static is hit by a large body of water, his powers can short out, especially if he's charged up; but he can fly in the rain. Static can replenish energy that he has lost in fights from sources of electricity. Sometimes Static can use his powers on non-metal objects, and sometimes he can't. And there are times where he's not been ready to absorb electrical power.

Equipment: Static Saucer: Static now flies on a hover disc of his own design and construction.

Static's Uniform: All of Static's suit is made up of synthetic conducting cloth. There are certain parts on his gloves and shirt/jacket (they can be seen in the picture) that light up when currents of electricity are flowing through them, this also means he is ready to battle and use electricity at his disposal whenever. ( The gloves are thin and black and because he has electricity flowing all around his body prevents them from being seen, but you get the idea on how they light up from the pic.)


Personality: Static is very kind and honest. He cares and worries for his family, friends, and teammates. He will take orders easily. Static from past experiences stresses out a lot. Static wants to stop all gangs and gang wars, so nothing like the Baby Bang can happen again. Static's passion for science and mathematics help gets his mind off things and can help those around him at any needed time. Static loves a good joke, and loves when those around him are laughing and happy.

Strengths: He is highly gifted in many fields of science and mathematics.

Interests/Habits: Science, Math, and being with family and friends


Universe: Earth Prime
Family Members: George Hawkins(father) and Teresa Hawkins (mother) and Madison Hawkins (sister)
Place of Origin: Dakota City
Current Residence: Titan's Tower and Dakota City
History: The poorest and most crime-ridden neighborhood of Dakota City is Paris Island. Gangs were commonplace, and turf wars a regular occurrence. So much so that eventually all the local gangs agreed to settle things once and for all, at an intersection of the three main gangs' territories, a spot called "Ground Zero".
Trouble at the Big Bang
This "Big Bang" was no secret, and when more than five hundred gang members converged that night, armed and ready, everyone in the area, police included, knew what was going down. Even Dakota's mayor Thomasina Jefferson, knew about it. Mayor Jefferson decided to take advantage of the unique situation by marking herself as a "tough on crime" candidate for the next election. Once the Big Bang began, she ordered the police to release a special tear gas containing a harmless radioactive marker, which would allow them to track any gang members who got away for days afterwards. Then, the police would move in on the gangs in force and apprehend as many of them as they could. By morning, the vast majority would be incarcerated, and the stragglers could be chased down and picked up over the next few days.

Things went hideously wrong. The gas killed over ninety percent of the people exposed to it, with the survivors either being hideously mutated into monstrous forms or gaining superhuman powers. Those survivors became known as "Bang Babies"; to the world at large the deaths were attributed to gang violence. Fifteen-year old school kid Virgil Hawkins was bullied, like most kids are. But after taking one beating too many he was given a gun by some gangbanger friends, who told him that if he was tired of being pushed around, then he should link up with them at the Big Bang. Virgil showed up, and hid behind some crates and old oil drums, but while he was waiting he decided this wasn't for him. Throwing the gun into the water, he wandered off, deep in thought and heedless to where he was walking. Thus it was that Virgil, although not a gang member, ended up present at Paris Island on the night of the Big Bang. Exposed to the gas he gained a variety of electromagnetic powers, and, inspired by the superhero comics he read, decided to become a superhero, Static.

It's not all good being a superhero though. At school the only person who knows Virgil's secret is his best friend, Frieda Goren; he can't use his powers to deal with bullies for fear of giving away his secret identity. Because his sense of duty means he will drop everything to deal with threats to the city, he finds it impossible to hold down even the most menial job. He's got enemies aplenty - Hotstreak, Commando X, Holocaust, and more. His close friend Rick Stone came out as gay, forcing Virgil not only to deal with his own homophobia, but also to protect Rick when a gay rights rally was attacked by a homophobic super villain. And then there's Dusk. Dusk was another teen vigilante, with a strong code of justice, whom Static encountered. He and the young lady hit it off immediately (in spite of having somewhat different viewpoints on what constituted reasonable force), and combined patrolling and dating. Then the two of them assisted the police on a drug bust, only for Static to discover one of the dealers was Frieda's boyfriend Larry. Shocked, Static initially let Larry go, putting a slight rift between him and Dusk. A day later, the two heroes caught up with Larry just as some other dealers decided it was time to silence him. Dusk was shot trying to protect Larry, who died anyway, and if Static hadn't carried her to safety, Dusk might have died as well. Afterwords, Static told Frieda he had decided to abandon his costumed identity. He was convinced not to by Dusk, who was leaving Dakota because she had become wanted for murder.

At some point, Static was abducted by the Dark Side Club, drugged by the Anti-Life Equation and forced to compete against other heroes in an arena for entertainment. He proved too strong to control, and the proprietors mostly kept him locked up in the basement, although he was allowed out to compete with the other reigning champion, Ravager. After being freed from the Club by Miss Martian, he applied for and joined the Teen Titans, becoming a full-time member.

Sample I have done an rp sample on Arsenal refer to that.

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