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Shockwave( James Vincent) Empty Shockwave( James Vincent)

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Shockwave( James Vincent) Tumb+electro


Full Name: James Vincent
Codename: Shockwave
Age: 42 (doesn't age anymore)
Race: Human-Electricity hybrid (He has a human mind, but the rest of his body is made of lightning.)
Alignment: Evil
Affiliation: Outlaw's villain


Hair Color: N/A used to be black
Eye Color: YELLOW
Height: depending on the lightning he has absorbed lets him change his size
Weight: N/A
Appearance: His body is made up of a magical electricity. His hands unlike in the picture have dark green gloves that match the rest of his suit, so he can lift pick up and use objects.


Powers: Electric manipulation and production: He can create lightning from his body. He can manipulate electricity giving him electromagnetic abilities.

Electric absorption: He can absorb electricity from objects healing him and making him stronger and making whatever he absorbed from nonfunctional.

Flight: He has the ability to fly at high speeds

Electrical Body: he is made up of a magical electricity that corrupted him and gives him these abilities.

Skills: N/A

Weaknesses: Water can short him out. Attacks can stil hurt him even if they go through him or burn at contact. They still can make him feel pain. An EMP will hurt,stun,and possibly knock him out.

Equipment: Shockwave's suit: His suit keeps his body from flowing everywhere and overcharging, so that he doesn't just flow in every direction and maintains his humanoid form. His suit is magnetically connected to him so it moves like it is his skin, so he can be hurt when you hit his armor just like skin. His suit is made up of a magic material and therefore cannot be ripped away from him or broken.


Personality: He is completely crazy and corrupted by his power. He hates to be upstaged or defeated, so if anyone stopped him or defeated him in combat, then would seek to kill them as a personal vendetta. He does not care for innocent lives or random people. He does what he does and doesn't let anyone tell him how he is supposed to do things. He loves electricity and refers to absorbing things as a "snack" or "meal". He is not very emotional as in he doesn't regret when ever he is doing things. Unless it is a vendetta of his which might cause him to be slightly angry.

Strengths: He is very tough and has very powerful powers.

Interests/Habits: Absorbing electricity and completing Vendettas


Universe: Earth Prime
Family Members: Vincent (mother): deceased (he never knew his father)
Place of Origin: Ancient Greece
Current Residence: NYC
History: James Vincent was born in 1112 BC. in Athens. He wanted to be an explorer/adventurer his whole life. He ended up becoming an historian, archeologist, and explorer all together. He traveled everywhere looking at ancient sites and locations. One day in 1062, he came upon a Greek ruin where decrypted a code inside to find a password to a gate. The password was Z and he learned that there were five more ruins with passwords just like the one he found. The next day, he headed back to the ruins and said "Z" which opened a magical portal that he dumbly stepped into. There was a large tan man who called himself Zeus as in the wizard of SHAZAM Zeus. He told him that since he disturbed his slumber he would forever be Zeus' slave and gave him power. Zeus turned him into what is seen above. He served Zeus for a very longtime. Then one day Zeus let him go back to Earth even though Zeus controlled him. That same day Zeus was killed by Black Adam. These powers erased James' memories and even corrupted him making him crazy.

James only thought was to feed on electricity. James even though he didn't refer to him as his original name just started feeding on an electrical object he could find. He was in Star City in 2005. The day he came back and started feeding on electricity every where in Star City. Arsenal went to stop him and ended up defeating Jame's. Since he had become a "Super Villain" he had a new name people called him. It was Shockwave. He actually liked the name. Since, he has been defeated by Arsenal so many times, He made his first vendetta to kill Arsenal. Ultimately, he has failed so many times, but he does not stop.

Sample RP refer to Arsenal char. page

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