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Post  Josh on Sun Jul 08, 2012 3:11 pm

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night
No Evil Shall Escape My Sight
Let Those Who Worship Evil’s Might
Beware my power, GREEN LANTERN’s LIGHT

Kid Lantern

Kid Lantern (Josh Johnson) Young_justice_tv___kyle_rayner_by_jarein-d42en5s

Full Name: Joshua Johnson
Nickname(s): Josh or J and sometimes Double J
Codename: Green Lantern
Alias(es): GL, Green, Kid Lantern or KL
Age: 16 Born on June 29
Race: Human
Alignment: Good
Affiliation: None, but wants to join Young Justice


Hair Color: His hair is think black but short and spiky
Eye Color: Green Eyes
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 130 lbs.
Appearance: Kid Lantern (Josh Johnson) JoshuaGreenLantern That’s what he looks like when he is an average teenager. He wears a blue hat that is has a little bit of white on the front of it. The hat is always tilted upwards for someone random reason. He has thick short black hair and green eyes. He wears a white t-shirt with the word “Johnson” both in italics and bold letters. Above that he wears a grey jacket that does not have a zip or buttons. He always wears a cross around his neck at all times. He wears grey long pants and black shoes.


 Energy Projection: The ring can be used to fire blasts of Oan energy or create weapons such as projectiles of them. The ring can project beams of force powered by the will of the user. The ring can be used to produce kryptonite and kryptonite radiation.
 Force Field: The ring can create various force fields of various sizes and shapes to protect the wearer and others around him. With the cosmic scope of a Green Lantern's duties, it is only natural that the power ring is designed for operation in space. The ring creates a force field around the wearer, protecting him/her/it from the hazards of the void including filtration of stellar radiation and microscopic particulate matter which would ordinarily be fatal should the space debris strike the ring wielder at high speeds. An atmosphere appropriate to the ring wielder's biology is created inside the force-field while body temperature is maintained and waste products are removed. Gravitational stresses which could cause injury are stabilized for the ring wielder. Theoretically, a ring wielder could use the ring as his/her/its sole source of life support. The force field seems to be created instantaneously whether this is due to programming or an instinctive reaction from intensive training has not been established. It could be considered as a subroutine of the ring's automatic defensive system, but as of yet this theory has not been proven. The only exception to that was attacks based on the color yellow.
 Energy Constructs: The ring can form constructs of Oan energy. The primary function of the Power Ring is to provide a weapon capable of transforming the wearer's thoughts into physical constructs through the wearer's strength of willpower. A Green Lantern can create any particular items or construct that they can imagine as long as they have the willpower necessary to will it into existence. The constructs are made out of bright green energy, which is a tangible form of pure willpower, and they exist only as long as a Green Lantern is fueling it with their willpower. Items created by the rings are not indestructible and are only as powerful as the willpower of the Green Lantern creating them. The types of constructs usually reflects the ring wearer's personality
 Phasing: The Power Ring allows the wearer to pass through certain solid objects such as walls. Which objects that are not penetrable are not known, but it may depend upon the strength of the wearer's willpower and the density of the object's molecular structure.
 Thought Relay: Otherwise known as a telepathic link
 Flight: By the manipulation of anti-gravitons and directed molecular movement, the ring allows the user to fly at incredible speeds. In atmosphere, a Green Lantern has been known to fly as fast as Mach 10 in atmosphere by creating an aerodynamic envelope around his body. Towing others, usually within a bubble, his speed is limited to the twice the speed of sound or 1440 mph. In space, Green Lantern's speed can be significantly greater and has been known to approach 99% of light speed in normal space. Flight has been shown to be velocities far exceeding light speed. In atmospheres, air friction is not a hindrance since heat is either absorbed or reflected by the ring's field.
 Superhuman Strength: While not super strength of the conventional sense, a Lantern while using constructs created by the ring becomes capable of lifting/moving tremendous weights far heavier than 100 tons with little effort.
 Security Protocol: The rings can be programmed. They are coded to the wearer to make them unusable if stolen. The ring will refuse to take an action that would kill a being unless they are on Oa or with permission.
 Environmental Playback: Upon request, the power ring can recreate a holographic environment based on data in its memory banks. The ring wielder can observe events in a ghostlike state, but the ring wielder cannot alter the outcome of the playback. All objects in the playback will appear in the full spectrum of colors, regardless of the wielder's level of expertise creating simulacra. The power ring will automatically end the playback if outside interference warrants the ring wielder's undivided attention.
 Invisibility & Light Refraction: A ring wielder can render him/her/itself invisible by willing the ring to bend light waves around his/her/its form, as well as that of the power ring. Presumably, a similar action allows an experienced ring wielder to create objects of colors other than green.

Other than the ring the only other skill Josh has is the ability of wonderful aim. Like when tossing or throwing a ball at a specific spot there is a 99.9% chance he will hit it, although this aim only works out on small objects. Objects like small balls or long sticks. Things like shooting an arrow he is horrible at.

Mental Instability Protocol: Drug use, neural interference, vertigo or other forms of mental incapacitation can render the wearer unable to use their ring.
Yellow Impurity: Formerly, the rings were unable to directly affect yellow. Now, a wearer can bypass this if they can 'accept fear', which is personified by the color yellow. Rookie lanterns are more susceptible to fear and thus vulnerable to the color yellow.
Recharge Protocol: Formerly, the rings needed to be charged after a period of one planetary axial rotation (dependent on each ring's location), regardless of how often it was used. Currently, the rings retain a charge until they run out of power. This variability ensures that the wearer takes great effort to keep it charged. This weakness do not is applied with the ION's host
Vibrational Interference: If a vibration from a device is set to a certain speed, it causes the ring to function only in miniature, so that if the user wanted to make hands to grab something, the hands would be too small to grab it. A clock has been seen to do this.
Red Power Rings: Red Power Rings can dissolve the energy from a Green Power Ring.

Equipment: The only equipment he has is his ring.


Personality: Josh used to be a freelance hero with a strong sense or willpower and a great ability to not show fear, however just because he doesn’t show his fear doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any. Josh is what people call a “Ladies man” both when he is a hero and when he is a teenager.
Josh also has a caring and really nice said that he hardly ever shows. He loves to go straight on into a fight without making a plan of his own. Although when the team leader makes a plan he just goes with it. He hasn’t really had a permanent team since his parents move around a lot but now they will be staying in NYC for a really long time. He gets really mad when someone hurts the people closest to him. He also like to proves himself as a very strong person so people won’t mistake him for a kid who is weak.

Strengths: Although Josh has a wonderful ability of not showing his fear, he chooses not to be a leader but just to follow the plan. The reason for this is he fears he may lead the team in a bad way. Josh likes to issue challenges or bets just to show how good he is. When using the ring, Josh has great strength and speed.

Interests/Habits: Flirting with girls. Great Aim. Good Electric Guitar player. Flying around the city. Creative Mind but horrible at drawing. He can imagine what he wants and picture it in a good form and he can make it appear with the Green lantern ring he just can’t seem to be able to draw it on a paper.


Universe: Earth Prime
Family Members: Alive parents: Katelyn and Kevin Johnson. He is the only child. Grandfather and Grandmother both his parents are dead.
Place of Origin: USA , New York
Current Residence: U.S.A, Washington DC.
History: Josh is one of the newest and youngest Green Lantern. He used to not really care about the Green Lantern Ring when he got it, but one day there was a murder attempt at his Mother. After that day he decided to take being a Green Lantern seriously. His role model is The Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) but he would never really tell that to anyone of his hero friends.
Josh was born in America on June 29th to Katelyn and Kevin Johnson, the only child. Since he was 11 he loved the Green Lantern (Hal Jordan). He heard about Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) after he defeated Hector Hammond, A few years not far from that Josh was outside riding back home on his new bike when he noticed saw a a green light pass him. Except it just wasn't any green light, in fact it kinda looked like Green Lantern (Hal Jordan). He followed it as fast as he could until the person/alien stopped. After a few seconds the light of the Green lantern turned down and standing there was not Green Lantern(Hal Jordan) but instead another green lantern (TO-T-U-K). This alien seemed to do some kind of scanning thing on him. Josh slowly picked up a rock in case it was needed in this kind of scenario. The Green Lantern told him about himself and about how he has been looking for somebody suitable for a Green Lantern. After asking Josh some questions the alien handed Josh a ring a lantern, telling him that he is good enough to become one of Earth's Green Lanterns. By hearing this Josh was happy and willing took the Green Ring and Lantern. Hence after that day he normally used the saying “Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back” He got the Green Lantern ring for his ability to not show fear and stand up to others with no second thoughts.
Although Josh received little training he caught up to the whole Green Lantern Power Ring and how it all works. From then on he turned into a Green Lantern. He started using the name Kid Lantern but decides to change it soon, since he won’t always be a kid. So now he goes by the name the Green Lantern or Kid Lantern.
(PS, Josh does not know that Green Lantern is Hal Jordan the only reason his name is in the bracket is to tell which of the green lantern I am talking about.)

Sample RP Kid Lantern a.k.a KL just got back from a meeting with the Guardians, now he was just soaring the skies looking for any signs of trouble. That was when he heard police sirens. He followed the sound to a burning building. He landed on the ground beside one of the fire fighters that was pouring water down on the building.
“What happened?” KL asked the man beside him
“Burning building. 3 Hostages still inside, but we can’t get to them.” As soon as KL heard the “3 hostages” he swooped into the building.
Inside were burnt clothing, furniture and other things he couldn’t make out. He started moving around the house with a shield around himself for both smoke-free air and protection. It was later on he heard people shouting. He went over to the direction to see a man holding a child and a woman shouting for help. He quickly picked up the two kids and told the man and the woman to enter the bubble. When they were all inside, KL flew out of the building with the shield right beside him. He landed on the ground and turned to the human who were now safe.
“All in a day’s….” He got cut off by the woman shouting that her child was still in the building. He quickly went back into the building which was almost out of fire but still badly burning.
“Hello!!” He shouted through the huge noises both outside and inside. It took him 3 seconds before he saw the kid. The child was apparently trying to reach a picture on a high shelf that he couldn’t get to. Kid Lantern quickly picked up the little boy and grabbed the little picture. A soon as he got both of the child and the picture he got out of the building as fast as he could.
“Here you go. I’m sorry but the fire was too high for I am to be able to save anything else.” He handed the child and the little picture to the woman who thanked him. He flew away from the scene of the fire feeling bad that he was not able to save other things that were in the building.

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Kid Lantern (Josh Johnson) Empty Re: Kid Lantern (Josh Johnson)

Post  Admin Batman on Mon Jul 09, 2012 1:55 pm

Almost perfect. Just one little problem. The Outlaws are a team of adults. Everyone on the team is over 20. They all also will kill. They are the grey of the DCU. BTW I know i didn't make the outlaws on this site, but my little brother did. I've talked to him and this is correct. Your character isn't old enough, nor 'grey' enough to be an Outlaw. Outlaws have traumatic pasts that cause them to stray from the 'white.' If you wish to not change your character then there are two teams you can be on. Young Justice, which I may make soon, or the Teen Titans. If you change your character then it may work. But it would be hard with a GL, especially since they don't kill. Outlaws do.

Also, who's ring did your GL get? A ring shouldn't just randomly appear. Explain the story behind the ring.

That's all I've got. Fix the ring thing and decide what you're going to do team-wise.
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Kid Lantern (Josh Johnson) Empty Re: Kid Lantern (Josh Johnson)

Post  Josh on Mon Jul 09, 2012 3:51 pm

Okay I have fixed the team he wants to join. The Young Justice, I was going to put that before but I though no one made the team so I didn't put it. In the history I changed it also the part of the History I changed, I put it in italics so it would be easier to find and you won't have to read the entire thing again. (PS. yes I know I am horrible at writing how he got his ring.)

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Kid Lantern (Josh Johnson) Empty Re: Kid Lantern (Josh Johnson)

Post  Admin Batman on Mon Jul 09, 2012 5:52 pm

Mmmm...a little curious as to why the GL gave another earthling a ring, but whatevs. The whole point of the site is for you guys to have fun. And maybe you van explore that in future rp's. Anyway, I'll put up Young Justice on the info soon. It'll be hard for you to rp with anyone on the team because, well...nobody's on the team yet. I imagine it will be Damian Wayne, Irey West and maybe Aquagirl. Who knows? You can rp with anyone else. Also, as a side note, Young Justice in this isn't exactly like YJ from the tv show, in case you didn't guess. It's more like the comic YJ, which is really just the younger pre-teen titan heroes. The ranking of teams sort of goes like this for the 'white.'

Young Justice
Teen Titans
Justice League/Outsiders

The Outsiders are the 'black ops' JL. They do what the JL can't and are sort of anti-heros w/o the killing.

Anyway, if you're absolutely positive you want to be on YJ, that's fine.

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Kid Lantern (Josh Johnson) Empty Re: Kid Lantern (Josh Johnson)

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