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"We're Young, Just Us!"

Young Justice

Young Justice Logo

Name: Young Justice

Universe: Earth-Prime
Location: Mt. Justice
Alignment: Good

Leader(s): Nightwing (Chris Kent/Lor-Zod), Red Tornado (guardian of sorts)

Active Members: Nightwing, Flamebird (Thara Ak-Var), Robin (Damian Wayne), Impulse (Irey West), Lagoon Boy, Empress, Teen Lantern (Josh Johnson)?

Inactive Members: Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Superboy, Kid Flash, Arrowette, Lobo, Secret, ect.

General Information: Robin, Superboy and Impulse were having a sleepover in Mt. Justice when they accidentally restarted Red Tornado. Coincidentally they stopped a bad guy and later with Wonder Girl and Arrowette they formed a team, Young Justice. New people came and gone on the team and after Troia's death at the hands of a Superman android. Later, Batman decides it would be best for his violent son Damian to be around kids his age. After leaving n an angry rush after temporarily joining the Teen Titans, Damian demands that e never has to go through with that again. Bruce disagrees and forms a new Young Justice, and after calling up Red Tornado and Superman, helps rebuild Mt. Justice and restart the team. Now the team is getting members, new and old, saving the world, and trying to survive Damian's bad attitude.
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