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Name: Earth Arkham

Residents: All Earth Prime canon (including civillians) OC residence
EX. Batman(Bruce Wayne), Robin (Tim Drake), Scarecrow (Jonathan Crane), and Joker

Type: It is based off the Batman Arkham video game series (that is also made up of comics). It is like Earth Prime, but has
a slightly alternate storyline and is centered around Gotham and its heroes and villains.

History: It has the same past as Earth Prime except for a huge epic story that takes place in Gotham and then leaves off where we are now.

The Joker attacks Gotham City's Mayor's office but is foiled by Batman, who escorts him to Arkham Asylum. Due to a recent fire at Gotham City's Blackgate Prison, many members of the Joker's gang have been temporarily relocated to Arkham. As Batman accompanies the guards taking the Joker inside, the asylum's security is overridden by Harley Quinn, allowing the Joker to escape and take control of the facility. Batman quickly realizes that these events have been part of the Joker's plan and that the Joker had bribed a security guard to help him escape and kidnap Commissioner James Gordon. The Joker threatens to detonate bombs scattered around Gotham City should anyone attempt to enter Arkham, forcing Batman to work alone; he is able to rely on Oracle who helps guide him through the asylum over the radio. However, after inhaling a psychotropic gas by Scarecrow, Batman begins to hallucinate, believing that the missing Gordon is dead and that the bodies of his dead parents are talking. After fighting Scarecrow and waking up, he realizes it was all a nightmare and that Gordon is not dead. Afterwards, Batman gains access to a Batcave he created on the island and collects new weapons in the process.

After being rescued from Harley Quinn, Gordon reveals to Batman the location of Bane, who has been experimented on by Dr. Penelope Young, one of the Asylum's doctors. Following a fight with Bane, Batman learns that the Joker is seeking a chemical called Titan created by Dr. Young that is being produced at the asylum. The compound is based on the Venom drug that gives Bane his super strength, though the Titan formula is much more potent. The Joker plans to use the Titan formula on the various Blackgate inmates to create an army of abnormally powerful henchmen.

Batman discovers the location of the Titan formula, but after failing to save Dr. Young, sets out to rescue Warden Quincy Sharp, who has been taken hostage by Quinn. After saving the Warden and defeating Quinn, Batman meets with Poison Ivy to discover the cure to the Titan strain. Ivy reveals that the plants used to synthesize the cure are stored deep in the underground lair of Killer Croc. Before reaching Croc, Batman is attacked once again by the Scarecrow and falls into another hallucinogenic nightmare. He escapes from the nightmare and pursues Scarecrow into Croc's Lair, where Scarecrow is attacked and dragged away by Croc. There, Batman acquires the ingredients for an antidote while avoiding Croc's attacks. Back at the Batcave, Batman only has enough time to synthesize one dose of Titan antidote before Poison Ivy's Titan-infused plants destroy the Batcave's computer.

With the stability of Arkham Island hanging in the balance, Batman ventures to the Botanical Garden to defeat Poison Ivy and prevent further destruction of the island. After destroying the mutated plant life and defeating Ivy, the Joker invites Batman to his "party" at the visitor center. The Joker then reveals that he has recaptured Gordon and attempts to shoot Gordon with a Titan-filled dart. Batman jumps in front of it, taking the injection himself. Batman attempts to resist the change, after which an upset Joker shoots himself with the Titan gun, becoming a massive monster. In his new form, the Joker proudly displays himself to news helicopters and publicly challenges Batman to fight. Batman refuses to change into a Titan monster and uses the antidote on himself. The Joker, confused but amused by his decision, begins his assault on Batman with a slew of henchmen and even fighting him personally. Eventually, Batman defeats The Joker, and all those affected by the Titan strain revert back to their original states. Joker is taken back to his cell and armed Gotham police officers slowly regain control of the asylum. As Batman is leaving Arkham, a call about Two-Face is overheard on the radio. A crate of Titan formula is shown floating in the water when a hand pops out and grabs it.

At a press conference held by Bruce Wayne to declare his opposition to Arkham City, Wayne is arrested by Hugo Strange's TYGER mercenaries and is imprisoned in Arkham City. Strange discloses his knowledge of Wayne's dual identity as Batman before releasing him into the criminal populace. While Strange prepares to commence "Protocol 10", Wayne obtains his crime-fighting equipment via airdrop from Alfred Pennyworth, allowing Wayne to become Batman. As Batman, he first saves Catwoman from being executed by Two-Face, who hopes to gain respect with her murder. After Joker attempts to assassinate Catwoman, Batman tracks him to his hideout in the Sionis Steelworks, believing Joker may know the truth behind Protocol 10.

Batman learns from Joker's doctor that the unstable properties of the Titan formula are mutating in Joker's blood, gradually killing him. Joker captures Batman and performs a blood transfusion on him, infecting him with the same fatal disease. Joker also reveals that Gotham hospitals have been poisoned with his infected blood. Desperate to save himself and innocent citizens, Batman seeks out Mr. Freeze, who had been developing a cure but has since been kidnapped by the Penguin.

Batman pursues Penguin to the Cyrus Pinkney National History Institute and defeats his forces, his imprisoned monster Solomon Grundy, and ultimately the Penguin himself, before liberating Mr. Freeze. Freeze tells Batman that he has already developed the cure, but its instability renders it useless. Batman deduces that the restorative properties within the blood of Ra's al Ghul can complete the cure. Batman tracks one of Ra's al Ghul's assassins to his lair in Wonder City, leading Batman into a confrontation with Ra's and his daughter Talia, Batman's former lover. With Ra's al Ghul's blood, Freeze is able to develop an antidote, but it is stolen by Harley Quinn before Batman can use it.

Batman returns to the Joker and finds him to be fully healed. While Batman and Joker fight, Strange activates Protocol 10, revealed to be a scheme to wipe out the entire population of Arkham City, destroying the criminal element of Gotham. The TYGER troops begin mass executions of prisoners, and Strange launches missile strikes from his base in Wonder Tower. A missile hits the steelworks, burying Batman under rubble. Before Joker can take advantage of the situation, Talia arrives and offers him immortality in exchange for sparing Batman's life. After escaping with the help of Catwoman, Batman is convinced to put an end to Protocol 10 before pursuing Talia and Joker.

Batman infiltrates Wonder Tower and disables Protocol 10. Ra's al Ghul is revealed to be the mastermind behind Arkham City, and mortally wounds Strange for failing to defeat Batman. With his dying breath, Strange activates "Protocol 11", the self-destruction of Wonder Tower. Batman and Ra's escape but Ra's commits suicide rather than risk capture. Joker contacts Batman, threatening to kill Talia unless Batman comes to the Monarch Theater. Once Batman arrives, Joker demands the cure. Talia takes advantage of the Joker's momentary distraction and appears to kill him. As Talia is admitting to stealing the cure from Quinn, she is killed by a second Joker, who is still stricken with the disease. The healthy Joker is revealed to have been the shapeshifting Clayface, who had been masquerading as the healed Joker at the ailing villain's request.

Batman incapacitates Clayface, but Joker blows up the theater floor, sending Batman plummeting into Wonder City below. Batman destroys Ra's' rejuvenating Lazarus Pit before the Joker can use it, and drinks a portion of the antidote. Batman debates curing his foe, but before he can act, Joker attacks him, causing the antidote vial to smash. Batman says that in spite of everything Joker had done, he would have saved him. After Joker finally succumbs to his illness and dies, Batman carries his body out of Arkham City. As Commissioner Gordon questions what happened, Batman places Joker's body on the hood of a police car and leaves in silence.

Two weeks later five police officers go missing in Arkham City inside the Steel Mill. Harley Quinn had captured them to bring Batman into a trap, so she could get revenge for Joker's death because she blames Batman and so does Batman himself. Batman disappears and is said to have been missing for two days. Robin (Tim Drake) goes into the Steel Mill to save Batman and the cops. Robin goes through many challenges and eventually succeeds. Robin saves the cops as Batman fights Joker robots subdues Harley Quinn and they all escape before a bomb blow up. Batman glides away without saying a word to commissioner Gordon who was waiting outside or Robin. Robin and the commissioner then talk about how sad he has been since he blamed himself for the death of the Joker plus the death of the only person he loved Talia Al Ghul.


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