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Post  Doc Ock on Thu Aug 09, 2012 12:26 am

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As a strange tear in the fabric of time and space between two very separate worlds has come into existence. Two very power beings become painfully aware of each other. The vicious warlords known as Thanos and Darkseid look down on the vast expanses of an unknown universe. Both extremely powerful in their own right, neither would not calmly stand by as another universe remains unconquered. It is due to this greed that both had declared war on each other. But when the two super powered creatures collided with each other, their energy clashed sending a shock wave throughout the entirety of both universes! The rift caused a collapse in the time space continuum, merging the two dimensions together!

Now in the aftermath of this reality-bending event, old faces once lost now emerge. As if time itself had been turned upside down. New locations now stand where there was none before. Gotham City now crowds the east shoreline alongside New York. The island of Themescara suddenly appears in the middle of the ocean, while the beasts of the Savage Land run wild and free.

As the world settles into its new reality the people will eventually adjust to it in time. New friends and foes. New relationships forged and old ones rekindled. People who were lost are now found. But will the world and the universe ever be the same? Or is this just the beginning of the end?

Who will rise and fall?

Rise & Fall is a canon only forum, where you can pick your characters from comicbooks, movies, TV shows or even a merge of them. Any version is allowed. Join us and share the fun!

Doc Ock

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