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"I am Gotham's new guardian. In day and night I will fight with words and actions to safeguard this city, to protect its future."


By Day:Luke Reddick (Redwing)  Bruce_wayne_batman
the one in the back but with shorter and brighter red hair and looks younger
By Night:Luke Reddick (Redwing)  602_stream
without TYGER security symbols and with red chest piece and doesn't have the ski mask and hat but has a domino mask like Nightwing's with red lenses and with utility pouches going from his shoulder to his waist


Full Name: Luke Daniel Reddick
Nickname(s): N/A
Codename: Redwing
Alias(es): N/A
Age: 28
Race: Human
Alignment: Good
Affiliation: possible Bat family member (his relationship is awkward with Batman. Though Batman supprots what he does and his reasons, but Redwing uses guns even though he uses rubber bullets and other various non-lethal gadgets Batman doesn't approve of the guns.)


Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Eye Color: Sea-Green
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 215 lbs
Appearance: He h is tall and very muscular. He is often found wearing a nice suit with or without a jacket because of his occupation. His costume varies because of what guns and gadgets he is using, but he has two holsters on his hip, two straps on his back for bigger weapons, a thigh strap and a holster on his left boot, plus he carries many utility pockets for all of his gadgets, and he has a utility wrap around his right boot that is made to carry ten little stick tasers. He has gauntlets with curved blades like Batman except his are red and there is a large red stripe on the back of his boots and his red chest piece has two black bird wings on the center.


Powers: N/A

Skills: Master mixed martial artist: He trained in a monastery for five years.

Expert detective: He tested himself in monasteries on detective work which he knew would be used while as a vigilante. He is talented, but not on the level of Bruce and Tim Drake.

Master Marksman: He trained in the monastery on long ranged combat teaching himself to hit his targets from whatever with whatever weapon he had.

Master Engineer: He had a hobby for engineering his whole life and when he went to the monastery he trained and started building gadgets. He was a talented student in high school.

Talented politician: He is very talented at the art of speech and rallying people together. He has decided to work for what he is doing to help reach his goal and help Gotham City.

Weaknesses: He can get over-confident in battles or on a case. He is a human and so he can be injured and killed easily.

Equipment: Various guns and weaponry with rubber bullets and other non-lethal gadgets.

Many helpful gadgets he builds

He drives a small motorcycle he engineered designed and built with help of other talented engineers he has met and trusts.


Personality: He is very calm and collective when he is working as a vigilante. He can be emotional in his daily as his normal. He can be over-confident in some situations. He feel that what he does is right and will do whatever he can to fufill it. He wishes to create a safe Gotham for the next generation where people can walk outside without be scared about what is around the corner and corruption is nothing but a word of the past. He is a huge optimist.

He has a stable relationship with his parents and is

Strengths: He is a great detective, engineer, marksman, and politician. He is very brave.

Interests/Habits: Doing charity and community work, giving speeches, and fighting crime


Universe: Earth Akham
Family Members: Stephen and Carol Reddick (Adopted parents currently residing in Metropolis) and ? and ? (Biological parents that he does not know about them)
Place of Origin: Gotham
Current Residence: Gotham
History: When Luke was just a baby he was put up for adoption. He was adopted by Stephen Reddick, a successful buisnessman and engineer, and Carol Reddick a nurse at Gotham Central Hospital in the intensive care unit. He had . normal childhood in Gotham except at the time the city was ruled by all the gangs and the law was corrupted. Throughout school every kid he met loved him. He had a good loyal girlfriend and he thought life was great. When he was eighteen the Falcone crime family took interest in his father's company's success. They wanted to buy it from his dad. His dad said no. The Falcone gang said that he would have to and he will. One night, Luke and his girlfriend were walking home from a football game when Falcone gang members jumped Luke and robbed him and beat the hell out of him. His girlfriend called 911 and he was sent to intensive care for two stab wounds and five broken bones. His mother asked to personally be his nurse. Around the time he started healing Batman appeared in Gotham fighting what hurt and attacked Luke's family. When Luke finished rehab it was coincidentally his graduation day. After graduation his parents moved to Metropolis. Luke was so inspired by Batman he wanted to do what he did. He told his parents that he was gonna be away for a long time. They were suspicious and unwilling like all parents would be, but they gave up. He traveled the country and studied in many places for a year until he came across the League of Shadows. It took him four years to pass all trials and training while training himself in other sorts of fields. When he finished Ra's Al Ghul asked to meet this young new student. Ra's Al Ghul asked what his name was and he told him. Ra's Al Ghul heard about his success and told him that his name is a sign that together they will paint the world red with criminals blood and said that he would be his wing that he would guide and use to accomplish great feats. That he would be Redwing. Luke heard this but had one problem he wanted to help fix Gotham without killing and Ra's said that could not be done and that death had to come to the dark city. Luke disaggreed as he tried to escapes as he blew up the League of Shadows hidden base and succeeded in blowing it up but he saved everyone else inside hoping they would find redemption as he went home.

He visited his parents and told him all his plans for the future before moving moving back to Gotham. At day he would fight crime and corruption with speech and community services and at night he would be like batman fighting crime as a vigilante. They thought he was crazy but supported him anyway. He started working in charities and small legal offices. By night he took his league of shadow's name REdwing, he started as a small myth as it was said Batman fought crime with guns that didn't kill, but it was really just him. After the "Arkham" events he wanted to talk to Batman to figure out if batman really killed the Joker. He met up with Batman and they talked for awhile. He learned the truth, but also saw how Batman blamed himself. Redwing studied Batman at night trying to learn more about him. He figured out who Batman and the bat family was by using his detective skills and putting two-and-two together. Like when Batman was kidnapped by Harley Quinn and Bruce Wayne disappeared for the same amount of time. He approached Batman with the truth of his identity and Batman knew his also, because by day after mayor Quincy Sharp retired Luke ran for mayor and Batman noticed how alike Redwing and Luke Reddick were. Redwing also told Batman about the reason he is doing it and that Batman's affairs with the league and such take him all over unlike Redwing who stays and will always be in Gotham. Batman approves of him and says that what he does by day is very important and that Gotham needs a guardian who is always watching over it. Luke agrees and heads off as Gotham's new guardian.

Sample RP refer to Arsenal


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