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Scarecrow (Dr. Jonathan Crane) WIP Empty Scarecrow (Dr. Jonathan Crane) WIP

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"What is going on inside your head, Wayne? Bah, he's gone! Just a twisted shell of a man! "

Scarecrow (Dr. Jonathan Crane) WIP BAA_Scarecrow1_cutout_by_CrankScarecrow (Dr. Jonathan Crane) WIP Batman-Arkham-Asylum-Scarecrow-psd35545


Full Name: Dr. Jonathan Crane
[b]Nickname(s): Crane, John
[b]Codename: Scarecrow
[b]Alias(es): Schrocken, Scarebeast
[b]Race: human
[b]Affiliation: Formerly Sinestro Corps, Injustice League, Injustice Gang


Hair Color: Brown
[b]Eye Color: Blue
[b]Height: 6' 0"
[b]Weight: 140 lbs
[b]Appearance: He is skinny, but has some obvious muscles. He has long arms and legs. He has a gauntlet with needles filled with a fluid, which causes the effects of fear gas to be afflicted to whoever is stabbed with them. He wears rags and wrappings. He is fairly pale.


Powers: Fear projection: With the use of fear gas, Scarecrow is able to bring him to his nightmare realm, where their greatest fears are projected and reality is altered.

[b]Skills: Chemistry: Jonathan Crane is an adept chemist and has used this skill to develop his infamous "fear gas".

Intimidation: Using a variety of toxins that cause his victims to hallucinate that their fears come to life, Scarecrow inflicts fear in all who see him.

Violent Dancing: When forced to fight, Crane uses his own martial arts style he calls "violent dancing", which is based in part on the crane style of kung fu, and makes full use of his long arms and legs.

Psychology: Jonathan Crane is an expert in the field of psychology, specifically the study of anxiety disorders. He is a walking textbook on the study of fear, and can recite the name and description of nearly every known phobia. He often demonstrates his intellectual prowess by analyzing his fellow patients at Arkham Asylum.

[b]Weaknesses: Has some over-confidence issues. Below average strength.

[b]Equipment: Scarecrow's fear gas. Scarecrow mask.


Personality: John is insane. He enjoys literally scaring people to death.

Is he/she/it brave, a good leader, a natural tactician, ect.

Interests/Habits: Literally scaring people to death


[b]Universe: Earth-Arkham
[b]Family Members: Karen Crane, grandmother (dead), unknown father, unknown sister (dead?)
[b]Place of Origin: Gotham City
[b]Current Residence: Gotham City

[b]History: Jonathan Crane became the Scarecrow, an enemy of Batman who used fear gas to prey upon people's fears. In Arkham Asylum, Batman inhales fear gas, in each of which he confronts a giant version of Scarecrow who attacks Batman as he navigates his way through an obstacle course to reach the Bat signal in order to end the nightmare. In the final nightmare, Batman is presented as a patient brought into the mental facility by the Joker and is examined by the Scarecrow before the Joker shooting the Dark Knight with a bullet, only to soon dig himself out of a grave. As Batman reaches the end of the last nightmare, he is found grabbing the real Scarecrow, who is confused by the fact that Batman was able to overcome nightmares that would have broken weaker men. He is later spotted trying to dump a very strong fear gas into Gotham's water supply but he is dragged into the water by Killer Croc from behind. Scarecrow was thought dead but, at the end of the game, Scarecrow's hand appears on the Titan container, showing he is alive.

Crane's survival was proven in Arkham City. He has took a small boat near the entrance to Joker's Funland, where he has been torturing captured Joker minions and experiments on them.

[b]Sample RP: Refer to Red Hood rp

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Scarecrow (Dr. Jonathan Crane) WIP Empty Re: Scarecrow (Dr. Jonathan Crane) WIP

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Lol, just do strengths and Ill approve it. I'm considering reviving the site if you ever see this. Very Happy

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