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Post  Admin Batman on Sun Jun 24, 2012 8:24 pm


1. Don't be an asshole...anywhere. Not on the chat box, in pm's or anywhere. This includes no spamming. We will kick you.

2. Don't godmod.

3. Don't metagame

4. Don't argue with an admin or mod; their word stands.

5. Don't beg to have a character, world, ect. accepted. We will get to you.

6. Try to keep everything PG-13. In other words, no excessive swearing.

7. Your posts should be at least a few sentences long.

8. You are limited to five canon characters until an Admin has deemed you worthy of more. If you underplay one of your characters, he/she/it will be taken from you. You can have an unlimited amount of OC's.

9. No playing other people's characters, unless they give you permission.

10. Don't role play until your bio is approved.

11. You must pm me before starting any major events/story lines, or making any drastic changes to a character.

12. You neither have to make a sheet for an NPC, nor for a character you plan to use for a short period of time, as long as no has that character. If someone does, rules nine applies.
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