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"Titans Together!"

Teen Titans

Teen Titans L

Name: Teen Titans.

Universe: Earth Prime

Location: Titans Tower, San Francisco, California.

Alignment: Good

Leader(s): Red Robin

Active Members: Red Robin (taken by Admin), Superboy, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Static (taken by Amrold), Ravager, Solstice, Bunker, Skitter. (Note: Same rules apply for this as for the JL. Almost any teen hero can join. Any of these guys could quit as well. It's up to you, the rp'ers.)

Inactive Members: Nightwing (active in Batman Inc.) Cyborg (Active in the JL) Raven (unknown) Starfire (unknown) Troia (unknown) Flash (Wally West, active in JL) Tempest (unknown) Arsenal (active in the Outlaws) Beast Boy (unknown)

General Information: The Teen Titans are a group of teen heroes that assembled a decade ago to fight crime and to be around other heroes their age. The Team's roster has changed over time, with some heroes out growing their roles in the Titans, and is now being led by a new generation of heroes.
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