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"That might be true about our family, but I've found a new family. And here, it's all for one."

Artemis Lilith Crock

Arrowette (Artemis Crock) ArtemisCrock-1


Full Name: Artemis Lilith Crock
Nickname: Arty or Blondie | It is not recommended that you refer to Artemis as Arty or Blondie.
Codename: Arrowette or Artemis
Alias: Diane Danger
Age: Twenty-Three
Race: Human
Alignment: Good
Affiliation: Justice League | Active


Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Dark Grey
Height: Five Foot Seven
Weight: One Hundred and Fifteen Pounds
Appearance: Artemis has always had long, pale blonde hair that cascades down to her lower back - though recently she has cut it to her mid back – with long bangs that fall around her face to frame it. She has a heart shaped face with pale lips and thick, dark lashes that frame her stormy grey eyes. Most would say that her eyes are always dark because of her darker past, but when in the presence of someone she truly cares about they are always bright. Her skin is slightly tanned because of her Vietnamese heritage and it only serves to accentuate her lean figure. She stands at about five foot seven.

Her usual clothing when she is on the streets in the winter consists of a pair of black skinny jeans that is complimented with a white v-neck shirt and her combat boots. Sometimes she will also dawn a dark leather jacket over her arms, but she has found it to be unnecessary in the warm Palo Alto weather. Her civilian clothes in the summer have a stark contrast to her clothing of her youth because she has lost most of her insecurities; she will wear a pair of denim shorts and a tank top without issue or worry of other people’s opinions.

Even though Artemis is legally retired in the Justice League’s system, she will still wander off on occasion to fight crime; she simply does not inform Wallace West of her little adventures. The outfit has not altered at all since her days of crime fighting with Young Justice, so she is quite easy to spot if the person knows what they are looking for. She wears a tight, midriff baring costume that accentuates her athletic build and is colored in various shades of green. The outfit has a sleeveless top with an arrow tip across the front of it, fingerless gloves, tight pants with black knee pads, and black combat boots. Without any powers of her own, Artemis always keeps a variety of gadgets on her body in case of an emergency; they are stored in a black utility belt and pouch strapped to her left leg. A mask that extends from her hairline to her cheekbones is always pulled over her face to protect her identity. Artemis, of course, never leaves home without her quiver strapped across her back and a bow with a multitude of arrows, all of which serve a different purpose. A hidden crossbow is also stored away in her outfit. The outfit is also fitted with stealth tech technology that Artemis maintains herself.


Powers: Artemis possesses no powers because she is a human. She possesses no superpowers or advanced abilities that would qualify her to hold the status of a super-human.

Skills: Artemis has undergone a vigorous and intense training regiment since she was a young child which has allowed her to become both an impressive archer and combatant. As a female most would say that she is not as strong as others, but she would say otherwise. Time and time again she has demonstrated that her training has paid off by the impressive physical feats that she has performed. Her strength is the one attribute that has been honed by this training, giving her the ability to knock out adults with a single blow, hold up people who are considerably heavier than her, press her entire body weight, and do flips on one arm. Though Artemis can only run at the speed of an average human, she has high stamina and agility; she is able to move, dodge, and react to dangers with impressive abilities and timing. She would also say that she is proficient in basic acrobatics and a skilled martial artist, both of which have come with her years of training.

As a marksman, Artemis is one of the most experienced and impressive ones around. She is able to hit an assortment of targets and projectiles with ease and accuracy using both a compound bow and crossbow. She has mastered the longbow, the short bow, and the crossbow as well. Most notable though are her ability to use a variety of trick arrows and her ability to shoot multiple arrows at one time while hitting their marks simultaneously; distance does not affect her marksmanship. She is also ambidextrous which allows her to shoot with both her left and right hand.

In addition to her skills as a combatant and marksman, Artemis is also shown to possess a wide variety of other skills. Artemis has above average intelligence which has aided her in both the civilian world as well as the super hero world. As a civilian she has been able to use this intelligence to attend accredited schools while as a super hero she used this to track down her opponents. She is also trained in first aid skills and she is trained in multilingualism; she can fluently speak English, Vietnamese, French, and Spanish.

Weaknesses: Artemis’s main weakness is the fact that she is merely a human. She possesses no superpowers or advanced abilities that would qualify her to hold the status of a super-human.

Some would say that she also has a weakness when it comes to the people she cares about. When she was a teenager she followed the Shadow’s orders because they threatened her mother. She would also avoid a confrontation with her older sister if it was possible for the sake of their family bonds that were not completely severed. Today both of these bonds still exist, but her new weakness is her long time boyfriend Wallace West. Though she knows that he can defend himself with his abilities, she still feels as though she should try her best to protect him if he were to be threatened.

Equipment: Bow and Arrow | Artemis, like her mentor, uses a bow and arrow in combat. Her bow is a compound bow so when it is not in use she can fold it inwards and store it. If she is out of arrows she will use her bow as a weapon to strike her opponents, though she prefers not to do this since it can dent her bow. Her arrows are all meticulously maintained with a smooth arrow head and no barbs attached to them.

Trick Arrows | Artemis has a variety of trick arrows that she is skilled in using. Some of these include the following: exploding arrow, knock-out gas arrow, grappling hook arrow, bola arrow, adhesive arrow, impact arrow, lasso arrow, explosive arrow that splits into three once shot, foam arrow that can release a high-density polyurethane foam to engulf and incapacitate its targets, smoke screen arrow, fire arrow, net arrow, and tracker arrow.

Crossbow | She also uses a collapsible crossbow which she keeps in the pouch of her uniform. It is always pre-loaded with arrows incase she is unable to use her normal bow.

Handheld telescope | She uses this to scout long distances and to see details.

Rebreather | Artemis has a rebreather which she uses to breathe underwater.


Personality: Artemis has always known that her cold personality was a product of her cruel childhood. She was raised in the kill-or-be-killed culture where she could only depend upon herself for her survival. With nobody to look towards she immediately grew to be independent as well as aggressive. This life style also made her ashamed of her heritage, so when she did try to move on from her family’s dark past she became extremely protective of her secrets. Some would say that she is insecure of herself and untrusting because she was afraid to reveal her past for so long, but she has come to accept this as a part of her personality.

Despite her rough childhood, Artemis is a very passionate and opinionated young woman. She always has a witty and biting remark on the tip of her tongue that is ready to lash out at those who question her. She hates being told that she is less than she is and will do anything to prove herself to those who think that she is not everything she claims to be.

Today she is not as guarded as she once was due to her looming past, but she is still just as opinionated as ever. People who question her often find themselves silent within a matter of moments because of her words. However, no matter how independent she may be, Artemis will always have a soft spot for those whom she is close to.

Strengths: Artemis is both brave and independent as well as a great athlete. These attributes have helped her to succeed as a super hero along with her heightened intelligence.

Interests/Habits: In her spare time Artemis enjoys reading or spending time with her boyfriend, Wallace West. However, schooling has proved to be extremely important so she does spend a lot of time studying. Her guilty pleasure though is occasionally roaming about as Arrowette; however, she tries to avoid this as much as possible for fear of Wally’s reaction.


Universe: Earth Sixteen
Family Members: Huntress | Paula Crock [Mother], Sportsmaster | Lawrence Crock [Father], Cheshire | Jade Crock, Kid Flash or The Flash | Wallace West [Boyfriend]
Place of Origin: Gotham City, New York
Current Residence: Central City, Missouri
History: Artemis Lilith crock was born and raised Gotham City, New York by Paula and Lawrence Crock, two master assassins for the Shadows. As a young child her parents’ life style choice really had no affect on how she lived, but at the age of nine all of that changed. While on a mission Paula became crippled and decided to take the blame for both herself and her husband Lawrence. This would ultimately leave Artemis in the charge of her father for the next six years while her mother was in jail; her older sister Jade would have run off by the time their father received custody of them.

During these six years Lawrence would train Artemis to be a master combatant and marksman. At first she did everything in her power to avoid becoming a criminal like her parents had, but after years of both verbal and physical abuse she gave in to his wishes. Her father often forced her to take part in tests that ranged from petty crimes to murder all in the name of making her his ultimate weapon.

Upon Paula’s release from jail though, everything began to change. Artemis’s new focus in life altered from crime to taking care of her mother and for a short time she hung up her bow and arrows. It was not until the young girl heard her mother telling Lawrence that she was going straight and taking Artemis with her that she truly realized what she could do with her life. That night she began her crusade as Arrowette, promising to protect others instead of hurting them like she had been forced to for so long.

Becoming a super hero was not easy for the young female though, especially since she was working in Batman’s territory. Most of the time she settled for simply halting petty crimes and patrolling the streets, but one night her opportunity to be recognized arose. While on patrol Artemis stumbled upon a path of destruction caused by Amazo and Superboy which lead to Gotham Academy, and she decided to follow. It was supposed to be a simple reconnaissance mission, allowing her to learn more about the people who were recognized in the public eyes. However, the second she saw Kid Flash being crushed by Amazo she knew that she would have to act; she fired a single arrow at the mechanical beast to allow him just enough time to get free.

Of course this act would not go unnoticed by Green Arrow and Batman and within a few days both of them had gone to Paula to confront her about her daughter’s actions. The woman begged them to keep her daughter straight and from them it was agreed that Artemis would join Young Justice as Green Arrow’s niece with the promise that her secret would be kept safe.

Upon joining the team Artemis struggled to fit in because of her inability to trust people and past, but soon enough everyone would accept her despite her past and family ties. She would create a special bond with each team member, but her most notable one would be with Wallace West [Kid Flash]. At first they had a love-hate relationship, but soon enough the would realize what their true feelings meant. After over a year of bickering the two would finally kiss after a mission on New Year’s Eve and from there begin dating. The two would remain on the team together for two more years before Wally finally convinced Artemis to retire with him and move away to college.

Artemis and Wally would move to Palo Alto where together they got an apartment and began to attend college in the attempt to maintain a normal life. Leading a normal life had always been a dream of Artemis’s, something that she never thought she would have. It was perfect in her opinion to live in such a way, but that perfection could not last forever. She had been trained from a young age to hunt, to wander about with her bow and arrows on patrol missions, and staying away from that became her own personal demon. Within a year of moving into her apartment with Wally she began sneaking out at night to go wander around the area, and this was what kept her cravings away. She felt extremely guilty for going on her little adventures, but she knew that Wally finding out about her little escapades would only deteriorate their relationship. Getting caught one night only proved that to her.

After having stayed out too late one night on patrol Wally caught Artemis in the act and from there a screaming match ensued. The pair was at each other’s throats with excuses for why Artemis’s little adventures were dangerous for nearly two days before Artemis finally left their apartment in Palo Alto and moved back in with her mother in Gotham City. From there the two decided that it would be best to go on a month long break because neither of them wanted to admit that they were wrong. In all honesty, Artemis knew that she should have been the one to apologize and ask her boyfriend for forgiveness, but her pride refused to allow her to cave. The break between the couple would only come to an end when Barry West [The Flash] died and the female realized that Wally needed her almost as much as she needed him. She returned to her boyfriend the day that he learned of his uncle’s death with apologizes spilling from her lips and he accepted them all much to her relief.

Within a few months of his uncle’s death Wally would gain the title of The Flash and be admitted to the Justice League with Artemis right by his side. By the end of another two years the pair would both graduate from Stanford with honors and officially move to Star City, Missouri. Everything seemed finally be panning out in their favor, but soon enough tragedy would strike once more and shake up the young woman’s life.

At the age of twenty-one Artemis would lose her mother, Paula Crock, in a tragic accident. The official police report stated that the older woman had passed away after having been attacked in her home by an unknown assailant who was simply trying to steal her valuables, but it was clear to Artemis that the Shadows had finally disposed of her mother. Knowing that the Justice League would never agree to her exacting revenge for her mother’s death Artemis decided to act on her own. It took months to convince Wally to allow her to go undercover in the Shadows to find out who had ordered the assassination on her mother, but eventually she would do so and take off. The female would spend seven months undercover in the Shadows as the new Tigress – her secret identity completed with a complete change of her physical appearance – before she finally discovered who had ordered the death of her mother. It only took her two more weeks before both he and the actual assailant were dead and she returned home.

Even though the Justice League did not approve of Artemis’s actions in anyway, she was allowed to keep her status as a member with quite a bit of persuasion by senior members of the League and a few favors. Since then Artemis has put away her Tigress gear and returned to her traditional Arrowette attire as she protects Star City with The Flash.

Sample RP: A pitch black night sky was painted over the dark city that night, not the moon nor a star visible as they hid behind the clouds. This was just the type of night that Artemis loved, the perfect setting for her to creep about the city and patrol without getting caught up in some mainstream action. She knew that it was a risk for her to go wandering about on the rooftops, especially since anyone could recognize the famed protégée whom had saved the Earth on more than one occasion. However she was more than willing to take that risk; she did nearly once a week now despite what would happen if she would get caught. The female was supposed to be retired with her boyfriend, living a normal life and getting a college education. She just loved getting to be herself though and so she chose to risk it all for the thrill of the hunt.

A small smirk of excitement came up to paint her lips as she slowly crept closer to the side of the roof, her eyes darting about to take in all of her surroundings before she quickly leapt down the side of the building and onto the fire escape that was below her. One good thing about living in this city was that nearly every apartment had a set of fire escapes so she did not have to waste many arrows and then find replacements before Wally came home. Of course he was not the type to snoop around in her stuff, but she did not want to have to explain to him why she was suddenly short fifteen arrows thanks to her little adventures.

Now that she was perched atop the fire escape though, she reached into her utility belt and pulled out a long piece of rope. Without even looking at her cell phone she knew that it was getting close to the time that Wally would be getting home, so she wanted to get back as quickly as possible. The female tied the material to the metal railing she was perched on before climbing onto the side of the rail as well. Her movements were precise as she started to grapple down, her body falling as her blonde locks danced all around her. The rush of the movements caused a smile to come to her lips, but as soon as it came it was gone with the vibrating of her phone.

Her heart began to beat a little faster as she threw herself down onto the dark ground below as fast as humanly possible, her small hand immediately reaching into her pocket to pull out the metallic device right as it stopped vibrating. Silently Artemis prayed that it was not her boyfriend whom had been calling her, but of course her luck had run as dry as the desert she was in. Her cold grey eyes grew nervous as she started to bit at her lip, thousands of excuses for why she was not yet home racing through her mind. No matter what she said though she knew that she would be in trouble with him. In the corner of the screen she could see that it was well after midnight and that left her with nearly nothing left to say.

I am so screwed.

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Almost perfect. Almost. Gotham City is New York on this site, for one. Two, Young Justice didn't exist back when Arty was a kid, I'm assuming. Earth Prime in this is based heavily off the pre-DCnU and DCnU and thus Artemis would likely have been on the Teen Titans, and maybe even later the Titans, but not Young Justice. Also, Superboy hadn't even been created yet by the time Artemis started out as a hero. He was officially created about two-three years ago and would later create Young Justice along with Robin (Tim Drake) and Impulse (Bart Allen). Your history is very reminiscent of YJ the show, which is fine, but you must have it fit into Earth Prime's history if you want Artemis on Earth Prime. Otherwise you could change it to Earth 17, Young Justice's Earth. Admittedly, you'd have to create that universe before doing so but.... Well, anyway, it's up to you. Just a few small changes. Other than that it's great!
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