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Post  Artemis Crock on Tue Jul 31, 2012 11:59 pm

"Dancing slowly in an empty room. Can the lonely take the place of you?
The Lonley | Earth-Sixteen | Public & Open StarCity
I sing myself a quiet lullaby; then you go and let the lonely in to take my heart again."

The sky was painted a dark grey color by the clouds that had settled over the sun in Star City, rain falling in sheets down onto the city. The mood was ominous to say the least, setting most people on guard and keeping them locked away in their homes and apartments. The only people who would dare go out in this weather were the people who either had no choice because of work or those who were insane; at this rate Artemis felt like the latter.

Despite the horrid weather today was supposed to be a day of fun. The blonde female had not had a day alone with her boyfriend Wally in nearly a month, so both of them agreed to take the day off and simply spend it with each other. As uncharacteristic as it sounded of her, Artemis had gotten everything they needed to enjoy each other’s company: there were three new movies tossed lazily onto the DVD player, two boxes of popcorn waiting to be made on the counter, and a large blanket draped across the back of the couch to cuddle in during the movies. In spite of the well overdone cliché of spending the day wrapped up in each other’s arms, the female had to admit that she had been excited to spend the day doing nothing for once. Sadly though, her perfect picture shattered with the ringing of an iPhone at five in the morning when Wally’s boss called him in on a favor.

It had to have been at least seven in the evening now and with no sign of Wally, it looked as though their day of relaxation had officially been cancelled; by the time he would get home he would probably fall over from pure exhaustion. Of course Artemis had tried to keep herself occupied and had succeeded even for several hours, but now that the night had come she was left bored out of her mind. Staring at the rain as it pelted the window to her apartment only offered her so much enjoyment.

That’s it. I can’t stand sitting here any longer! Artemis half growled in her mind, suddenly shooting up from her position on the couch and marching to the back of her abode where her bedroom lay. A girl could only behave themselves for so long.

In rushed movements she literally tore through her wardrobe to find her outfit before quickly changing into it. By the time she was done the room was covered in her clothes and the bottom draw of her wardrobe was thrown haphazardly onto the floor, but she knew that Wally wouldn’t care. After all, he was the biggest slob in the world! One would have thought that someone with super speed could spend half a second picking up their dirty clothes, but that was certainly not the case with her man.

With her Arrowette costume on and her hair tied back in a low hair tie Artemis quickly ducked into the closet to pull out her bow and quiver from a secret compartment. The items had been tucked away there just in case someone came snooping through the apartment so it took a few moments to get. Once she had it though she nearly sprinted to the window and threw it open. An icy breeze and freezing rain greeted her the moment the glass pane slid up, but she did not let that deter her in the least. In less than thirty seconds she slipped onto the window sill and shut the pane to keep the rain out before scurrying the side of the wall and onto the rooftops. From there she just started running from rooftop to rooftop. She didn’t know where she was going and hell, she didn’t care! All she knew was that she needed to get away from this place and find something to amuse her for the next few hours. If Wally got home early and needed her than he could call her on her iPhone that was tucked safely away in her pocket.

OOC: I know that I can write a lot, but please don’t be intimidated! I don’t mind how long your posts are as long as I have something to work off of. :] Nearly all of my posts will exceed three hundred words at least though.
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